Eastcheap in Letchworth

I made a tutorial for my iPhoneography website today. I wanted to show how to use Photosynth, a panorama app for the iPhone.

This was the finished result and shows a street in the town centre.


New Toys

I received a package from China today. My new torch.

This little thing is the most powerful torch I’ve ever owned. It works off one rechargable battery and can light up the whole garden with just one little LED bulb.


Remembrance Rail

We had a family outing to Southwold on the Suffolk coast.

I’ve been here a few times in the past but never been up to the pier.


Smiley Girls

I had a family photoshoot today.

I got the gear and lights out and welcomed a couple of adults and 3 kids into the studio.


Letchworth Houses

Today’s shot was taken during a bike ride around the outskirts of Letchworth.

This is a row of old houses on the road from Letchworth Hall Hotel towards Willian village.


Hard Drive

I have a few hard drives knocking around the office desk, so I got out the Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens.

This lens allows shots up to 5 times life size (normal macro lenses are only 1 x life size).


The Facade

Today’s shot was taken on my walk into town.

I’ve posted a few different shots of the Town Hall, which has been empty for a couple of years.


Autumn with old Technology

Inspired by a thread on the Photography Forum I used. I dug out my first ever digital camera.

In 1999/2000 I got a Casio QV-8000X 1.3MP digital camera. It was great and had a lens you could swivel around so you could still see the screen at any angle.


The Bushel & Strike

Tonight I broke my record in cycling. I only started 2 months ago and could barely manage a couple of miles.

Now I go out 4 or 5 times a week and ride between 5 and 15 miles.


My Other Passion

In another life I am a keen singer. I have been a member of the Hertfordshire Police Choir since it formed in the early 80s and in January this year, I took over as the musical director.

Tonight we performed at St Mary’s Church in Redbourn and I took the opportunity to grab a snap for the day, during the rehearsal.



Today’s shot comes from work.

I lift share some days and my friend drives a Ford Focus.


Night Rider

This is my bike setup for an evening ride. I love riding at night and love riding in the rain, which is just as well in the UK.



Today’s shot was taken at the Annual General Meeting of my camera club.

I’ve been the Secretary for the last three years, but decided to step down this year.



We went up to Nottingham to see our middle daughter who started at the uni there a few weeks ago.

She is out on the Brackenhurst Campus which is a centre out in the rural areas set in 200 hectares of land.



I was out in the town centre with just a couple of old box cameras and was struck by the reflection in this empty shop window.


Ready to send

I was out with a couple of vintage cameras today. I can’t show any shots from them, so here’s a quick shot of one of the films before I send it off in the old fashioned post.



I was stuck for time for today’s photo, so I had to wait until night shift at work and a quick closeup of the item I spend most of my time using.


More Wakeboarding

I went back to Box End Park in Kempston to photograph a wakeboarding competition.

Ropes & Wires 2012 was a comp with £1,000 prize money attracting some of the best in the UK.


Weight Watching

I’m trying to lose weight currently. When one of my colleagues showed me a couple of soup recipes at work, I took a quick snap for future reference.