An appreciative Audience

My other big passion, apart from photography, is singing.

I’ve sung with one particular choir for around 26 or 27 years and this year I took over as it’s musical director, so I get to conduct the choir at concerts.


Black Squirrel

I took Tess for a walk on the common today.

As we entered from the car park, this little fellar was on the grass. He soon shot up the tree, but stayed still long enough for me to get a shot with my compact.



Someone at work mentioned they had been up to Bedford to have a go at wakeboarding.

I;d not even heard of the sport, but the photos she took looked interesting, so I popped up to Box End Park in Kempston, called in to reception and asked if it was OK to take some pics.


TtV Camera

Today’s shot was taken at the last knockings of the day while I was sitting and contemplating in my, er, office.


Getting Wet

This shot was take during a cycle home from the town centre.

It started pouring, which was nice when you’re out in a T-shirt and shorts. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the effect of the rain here.



Today’s shot is an abstract taken with the iPhone. It shows a small part of the frame of my mountain bike, which is an Apollo Paradox.


Only a Rose

Today’s shot comes from a bunch of flowers given to my wife by our friends and neighbours to cheer her up after our lovely middle daughter left home for university.

We got one back in the summer and said goodbye to the second one.


Eye of the beholder

Today’s shot is an extreme closeup taken with my Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens.

The image is zoomed in on a £20 note and this is the Queen’s eye.


Goodnight Sammi

Perhaps the saddest photo I’ve taken.

Sammi, our lovely house rabbit, has featured in one or two shots in this project.



Thursday night is camera Club and tonight we had a trip out with local photographer Michelle Szpak.

We went into the town centre to try some low light high ISO shots and then some flash shots with one of Michelle’s model contacts, Mel.


B & W Asus

This evening’s shot was taken on the kitchen table.

My old motherboard before I turn it into a backup computer.


Fire over Hitchin

I was a little bit late for tonight’s shot. I could see a nice sky developing, but by the time I got the cycle gear on and rode a mile to the edge of town to get it, the sun was almost down.


Telford Morton

I’m not sure who he was but he lived in Letchworth and lived 1916 – 2001.

His sculpture is in Willian Arboretum which I pass when I’m cycling on the Letchworth Greenway.



I’ve photographed this building several times over the years. I love the design and the greens and blues in the glass.


Silver Wedding

Today’s shot is a photo of a photo. Its our 25th Wedding Anniversary today.

This photo was taken out of the frame, photographed with the phone and posted for our friends and relatives to see.


New Project

This weekend I’m upgrading my computer.

I say upgrading, actually, I’m replacing everything except the case and soundcard, so basically a brand new machine.


Peacock! Peacock!

Today’s shot comes from a trip to the Paralympic Athletics on one of the mos exciting nights of the games.

Three gold medals on the track from Hannah Cockcroft, Dave Weir and Jonnie Peacock.


Wrest Park

My wife and I went to Wrest Park, a stately home in Bedfordshire maintained by English Heritage.

Over the last few years it has undergone some great regeneration cafe and play area & beautiful new gardens in front of the house.