The Scallop

We had a family outing to the Suffolk coast and an old favourite of ours, Aldeburgh.

Jane and I had one of our first holidays here over 25 years ago and we’ve been here on and off ever since.



Today at work one of my colleagues had her last day at work, before moving on to pastures new.


Nearly a Blue Moon

Not quite a blue moon (second full moon in a calendar month) as the full moon is actually the 31st August.

But almost a blue moon rising above the wheat fields outside Letchworth.


Ashwell Country Show

Today’s shot comes from a visit to the Ashwell Country Show.

I thought I’d try my hand at some show jumping photography, having never tried it before.


Bygone Days

We spent the day with Jane’s Uncle and Aunt up in Boston, Lincolnshire today.

They had a supplement recently in their local paper with photos from bygone days in the town. In 4 separate photos we saw Jane’s Aunt and Uncle, another aunt, and her father who died 4 years ago.


My Music

This is what I’ve been listening to on my iPod recently.

I use it mainly on my walks over to town.


Horse at Dusk

Another shot from an evening bike ride. This one is at the back of an equestrian centre along the Letchworth Greenway.

I spotted the horse on the horizon so grabbed a shot with my Lumix which I keep on my belt.


Evening Ride

I said this week was a bit of a cycling theme.

This shot was taken on my evening bike ride along a section of the Letchworth Greenway.


Nightshift Sunset

This evening’s shot is literally a grab shot over the garden fence, of the sunset tonight. taken just before getting ready for another night shift.


On the Greenway

So I went out for a ride before night shift tonight on the new bike.

Letchworth has a cycle track/path specially made a few years ago which goes around the entire town. I think it’s about 17 miles in total.


Awards Night

I photograph for the Watford Cheetahs American Football Team during the summer.

They asked me to provide some photos for their annual awards night during which 5 players will win the season’s awards. Their prize is a 15x10inch photograph of them in action.



I think this is the last furry creature we have in the family.

This is Boris, my eldest daughter’s hamster. He normally lives with her at university but now that she has graduated he is back home.


Wishful Thinking

Bit of a bicycling theme at the moment.

I’m thinking of getting a new bike as my old one has a buckled wheel and is getting on a bit.