A Spoonful of Sugar

Today’s shot is Sammy taking some medicine after a trip to the vet.

She’s been off her food recently so the vet has prescribed two things for her.


Unwelcome Visitor

Today’s shot is a picture of a rat on our rockery. We had suspicions that there were rats about but this was the first time I’ve seen it, and what a bold rat it was too.


New App

Today’s shot is on the iPhone with a brand new black and white App, ‘MPro’.

The app is another that shoot sin black and white only and has a number of on screen filters.


T. J.

Today’s shot comes from my last regular season game of American football.

I went down to Watford to cover their last game against the Bedfordshire Blue Raiders.


Bunny Tunnel

It occurred to me today that with half a year gone in the ‘photo-a-day’ project, I haven’t taken a photo of our pet rabbit.


Opening Night

Fortunately, I am weekend off at the moment which meant I got to sit down and watch the opening of the 2012 London Olympic Games.


Another Flower

This shot was taken late evening. I had a quick search round the garden, with the iPhone, looking for something to snap.



My 366 project is not just about taking nice photos, it’s about things that happen day to day.

We’re decorating my eldest’s bedroom at the moment and are chucking out her bed and all her furniture.



Today’s shot comes from a little portrait session I had with two Hertfordshire Tornadoes players down at Hitchin Rugby Club.


Heads or Tails

We had a visit from my brother and his girlfriend and daughter and took them for a trip to our local family farm at Standalone in Letchworth.


Fly on a Stick

Today’s shot was done using the macro Speedlite setup I posted yesterday, with the flashgun directed right to the front of the lens.


My Magic Arm

My latest bit of kit arrived yesterday, a magic arm.

I’ve bought it to use it as a flash bracket to get the flash head close to the end of the lens.


The Graduate

So today we went to Nottingham to see the graduation ceremony of our first born.

She managed a First Class Honours Science Degree and received her award at the theatre in Nottingham city centre.


45 – 0

That was the score as Watford Cheetahs beat the Maidstone Pumas today.

Despite the rain we’ve had recently, it stayed away during the match.


Grammar School Decay

Today’s shot is another on the compact Lumix TZ30.

This one was taken on a walk into town and shows the old Letchworth Grammar School which fronts the Broadway in Letchworth.


New Camera Test

Today’s shot was the 7th photo taken on a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 which was bought a couple of hours earlier.

I fancied upgrading my TZ18 which is a small compact camera I carry on my belt for times when I don’t have my DSLRs around.


Russian Heavy Metal

Today’s shot is another late night effort in the shed with the MP-E 65 macro lens.

This one is a shot of the exposure scale knob on the top of a Russian FED5C 35mm film camera.


Lumix Flashgun Test 2

Today’s shot is an extension of yesterday’s, in that it’s another test of the Lumix compact camera with a remote flashgun.

This shot wouldn’t be possible on a DSLR without High Speed Flash Sync.


Snail Panning

A macro shot taken around 3x life size with the Canon MP-E 65 macro lens.

This was actually a panning shot as I had to keep track of the snail as it foraged across the garden. It is surprising how fast they move when you are looking at them three times life size.


Watford Cheetah

Today’s shot comes from an American football game between the Watford Cheetahs and the Milton Keynes Pathfinders.


My iPhone

So this is the beast which takes a fair percentage of the shots for my 366 project.

I’m currently designing a website for my iPhoneography and need a few little graphics, so I took this shot of the phone on a piece of white perspex.