On Broadway

Today’s shot was, as is so often the case, taken on one of my walks into town.

This one is a shot of one of the Art Deco windows on the side of our 1930s cinema.


The Ceremony

I was fortunate enough to shoot a wedding on Thursday. Kelly and Mike got married at County Hall.

The shot depicted is the point in the service where Mike is saying his vows.


Mini Badge

Today’s shot was taken on my way back from the town centre.

I was walking past Morrison’s car park when I saw a gold Mini and thought I cold make something out of the badge.


River Balustrade

Today’s shot was taken on a little trip to Hitchin after work to pick up my daughter’s new phone from the O2 shop.

Walking back to the car I took a couple of photos around the River Hiz.


Free Wheeling

Today’s shot was taken on my cycle back from town.

I just held the camera out as I cycled into my road and took a few snaps.


Cheerleader Awards

I might have mentioned I’m the team photographer for the University of Hertfordshire Hurricanes American football team.

Today saw their annual awards night in which players and cheerleaders received awards for their season’s endeavours.


Memorial & Church

I’ve taken photos of St Anne’s Church and the memorial over many years and this is one taken on the iPhone using one of the HDR Apps.


Kelly & Mike

I’m doing Kelly & Mike’s wedding next week and invited them round for a pre-wedding photoshoot at my home studio.


More New Toys

There may be times when a couple of days go by without a new picture appearing. This is not because I’m not taking a photo every day, but rather, with work and everything, I don’t always get time to upload the photos on the day I take them, especially when I’m on a late shift.


Reluctant Model

This was snatched just before I left for work. Tess was rather a reluctant model as I pointed the camera a few inches from her face.


Red Letter Day

Sometimes you have to make the best out of nothing.

Today I got out of bed around dinner time and with all the faffing around before work I never got a chance to take a pic.


Wedding Recce

Today’s shot comes as a result of a forthcoming wedding.

I’m shooting a wedding in a couple of weeks over at County Hall. I wanted to go over and check the place out to see where I’d be taking shots of the happy couple.



I covered the British Universities American Football League National Championship game in Leeds this weekend.

By happy coincidence, the team I cover – The Hertfordshire Hurricanes – were in the final, and they won.


My Sports Kit

This evening sees me getting ready to drive up to Leeds tomorrow to shoot the finals of the British Universities American Football League.

It’s the third year I’ve shot the finals and it’s great to be recognised by the league for the standard of my sports photography.


Latest Acquisition

Today’s shot is a selection of cameras which have arrived in the post this week.

Another Zenit to add to the collection and a couple of Coronet Box cameras.


For the Post Office

Sometimes photos can be creative, inspiring, record keeping, practical and taken for many reasons.

This one falls into the practical category.


Meet my Grandad

Today’s shot is a copy of a photograph that I took on my iPhone when I went to visit my mother.

She was sent this photo by a brand new branch of the family which I discovered online only very recently. The guy in the hat is my mother’s father, who she never knew as he died when she was a baby.


Running Cheetah

Today’s shot comes from a BAFA match between the Watford Cheetahs and the Maidstone Pumas.

I’ve been taking photos of the Cheetahs for 3 years now and this was their first game of the 2012 season.



This is the StopShot trigger system I use to capture my water drops. It’s a little box full of technological wizardry that waits for a drop to fall through a beam and then fires the flashy system a set number of milliseconds later.



As I still have the water drop gear out, I thought I’d do a few more shots and here’s a slightly different droplet shot from the others.


Firey Splash

Today’s shot was the result of spending most of the afternoon and evening playing around with my water drop equipment.


For Sale

This was just a quick photo of some police badges that I’m putting up for sale on Ebay.